Date tissue opening to the world "Cappadocia".



Cappadocia has been renowned since the advent of ballooning in 1989, for its highly favorable climate and extraordinary beauty. Goreme National Park, from where our flights depart each morning at sunrise, is known for its unique rock formations, the so -called ‘Fairy Chimneys’ - early rock churches and ancient underground settlements that are spread across the region. Cappadocia is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and was originally formed by volcanic eruption more than three million years ago. As a place of early civilization, it has been the setting of many periods of history from the Hittites to the Christians, from Alexander the Great to the Romans, the Byzantine Empire, and finally as part of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th Century. The rock formations that form the region were uniquely suitable for habitation due to the softness of the Tufa rock, which is easy to carve and form shelter from. These dwellings, cool in summer and warm in winter, were highly suitable both as housing and equally for food storage. Many caves are used even today by commercial fruit growers, to store fruit over the winter period, were it is allowed to slowly ripen.

The Seasons

       The main tourist season in Cappadocia stretches from March until November, but since every season in Cappadocia varies and is truly unique, it has something different to offer all year round. Even in winter, you’ll find Cappadocia picturesque and welcoming. From the air - and the comfort and vantage point of your hot air balloon - the winter wonderland landscape below is simply breathtaking.

What To See

       One is fortunate in Cappadocia, in that the region is relatively compact, making it easy to fit most of the historic sites and activities into only a short stay, if that is all the time you have available. Suggested sites of interest would be the Goreme Open Air Museum, with its rock churches and monasteries, the Zelve Open Air Museum, or the Pasabag ‘Fairy Chimneys’. Also, the fortress of Uchisar provides a perfect panoramic viewpoint of the whole valley stretching across to Avanos. Furthermore, the underground cities of Kaymakli or Derinkuyu, are a must.


We hope to welcome you aboard one of our beautiful balloons, for a magical flight across the timeless beauty that is Cappadocia, in the near future.